Features of careLearning

For Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Cost effective method of managing training for large numbers of staff
  • Comprehensive, easy to use learner tracking and management system
  • Quality programming on a wide array of topics developed by trusted sources (state hospital associations)
  • Reduced hospital costs for developing and presenting programs
  • Virtually eliminates scheduling conflicts associated with conducting organization-wide training activities
  • Convenient method of providing mandatory training with a wide variety of course options
  • Leverages the educational and training resources of hospitals and associations through the country
  • Reduces the burden of live, real time instruction to reach all employees
For Learners
  • Access to programs on demand anytime
  • Access to programs from any personal computer that has Internet capability
  • Self-paced learning
  • Immediate return to place-marked point in courses if progress is interrupted
  • Cost effective access to continuing education units
  • Ability to meet or improve competencies conveniently
  • Opportunity to participate in professional development activities conveniently and cost-effectively
Advantages of careLearning
  • Exclusivity - Learning activities developed exclusively for health care practitioners or hospitals by organizations that understand their needs with a long history of service to hospitals and health care practitioners
  • Stability - Because hospital associations have a long tenure serving hospitals, careLearning.com will be a stable education provider
  • Flexibility - System allows any organization or trainer opportunities to develop and present activities on careLearning.com
  • Customizable - Capabilities allow for specific tailoring of curriculum and course content