SUNRx is a health care technology company which provides qualified hospitals with software and services to help these hospitals manage and optimize their 340B program.  340B is a federally regulated program funded by the pharmaceutical industry to expand access to affordable medications, provide financial benefits to the hospital and its uninsured.  SUNRx is known for its integrity and delivering to their clients the highest level of regulatory compliance. 

SUNRX has been optimizing safety-net hospitals 340B programs since 2006. 

The complete SUNRx 340B solution provide software and services for:
  • The Split-Billing System offers subscribers the premier suite of Pharmacy Supply Chain tools that is user friendly and very customizable. Its flexibility includes customizable validators to meet each hospital’s unique needs, primary, secondary and tertiary Medicaid claims processing to appropriately validate and capture 340B eligible claims while effectively blocking Medicaid processed claims. The solution also includes a purchase order optimization tool, comprehensive reporting functionality and support to provide custom reports required by our clients. These tools will help to truly maximize available 340B savings.
  • The Contract Pharmacy Solution includes 100% capture of 340B eligible claims, compliance driven eligibility logic to avoid duplicate discounts, a complete virtual inventory system, robust reporting platform, pharmacy network expansion, referral prescription capture and self-audit tools.
  • Uninsured Prescription Discount Card Program, the only true “real-time” cash program using SUNRx’s lower of pricing technology compares all available prices to assure that the lowest cost for medications is paid by entities and patients.
  • Invoice Analysis Solution is a real-time automated toolset that identifies, reports, and recovers 340B pricing discrepancies. Since its development and release, customers have recovered between one and seven percent of their annual total 340B drug spend. This tool is unique in the 340B marketplace and offers value to compliment 340B Split Billing. Since audits are performed in real-time, subscribers recover the savings faster, at a fraction of the cost of aftermarket auditors.
SUNRx is a corporate partner with 340B Health and the exclusive 340B partner of over 30 state hospital associations.

Benefits for You
  • All 340B services from a single source
  • Helps your facility to maximize savings, recover pricing discrepancies and fulfil your facility’s mission to help the community and uninsured

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Leah Gregory, Regional Manager